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Pre-demolition work between AMUC & DUC west wing

Pre-demolition work between AMUC & DUC west wing

"Explosives will be used to demolish the DUC."

There are no plans for using explosives to demolish the DUC. The AMUC is very close to the demolition site and so it would be technically challenging to use explosives and still preserve the AMUC. Also, explosive use in demolition is usually only cost-effective for buildings much taller than the DUC.

CLC plans

CLC plans

"Employees working in the CLC Restaurant will be located in a cellar/basement to work underground."

There is no basement located in the CLC. The state of the art kitchen directly connected to the CLC Restaurant is designed to give our community and employees the very best experience from start to finish.

Former Kaldi's location in the DUC.

Former Kaldi's location in the DUC.

"Kaldi's at the DUC will remain open during construction."

The Kaldi’s at the DUC is closed due to demolition and will re-open in the new CLC on the 2nd floor.  For the next two years the Depot and School of Medicine locations will remain open.


"The DUC-ling will become the permanent all-you-care-to-eat facility once the Campus Life Center is complete."

The DUC-ling is an interim dining facility and will be closed and dismantled once the CLC opens in May, 2019. The CLC will include a new all-you-care-to-eat campus restaurant.


"I heard there's going to be a bowling alley!"

While there will be a new recreation lounge that includes space for billiards, foosball, and video gaming, there is not enough space for a bowling alley.