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Summer DUC demolition paves way for new Campus Life Center

Summer DUC demolition paves way for new Campus Life Center

By Kimber Williams | Emory Report

To glance across the empty floors and hallways of Emory’s Dobbs University Center (DUC) is to glimpse a once-bustling building suddenly turned into a ghost town — nearly overnight, a facility in raw transition. 

As Commencement festivities were winding down earlier this month, the DUC was already being emptied, as workers begin preparations for its demolition to make way for the construction of a new three-story Campus Life Center (CLC).

Gone are the people, the furniture, the vendors and the roaring work-life hum of a facility that has long served as an integral hub of campus activity, as student and campus offices shift to temporary locations and student dining moves to an interim facility already dubbed the DUC-ling.

But even as DUC Director Ben Perlman notes what is now missing — the peach-tone Georgia marble removed for safekeeping, conference tables sent to Cox Hall, a vintage soda fountain from the Coca-Cola Commons relocated to the Emory Conference Center for display — he quickly notes what is yet to come. 

And that’s space: lots of practical, well-thought-out space.


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Construction for new CLC set to begin

Construction for new CLC set to begin