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New Campus Life Center will feature more inviting, flexible spaces

By Kimber Williams | Emory Report

When the architectural firm tapped to design a new Campus Life Center (CLC) first arrived at Emory last year to begin researching the project, their initial strategy was to launch a conversation.

What types of programming should be included in a new student center? Which organizations should find a home there? What functions could a new CLC best serve for the campus community?

That conversation expanded last week, as representatives from the Durham, North Carolina-based firm of Duda/Paine hosted a public campus forum to share conceptual design ideas and seek public input.

Before a small gathering in the Harland Cinema on Wednesday, representatives for the architectural firm shared philosophies behind their early design concepts and discussed what has shaped their preliminary work.

"As architects, we're asked to speculate, to dream a little … to come up with a vision before we know everything — even before we get a lot of feedback," said Turan Duda, a principal partner in the architectural firm, who heads the design team.

 "People sometimes think (a design) is fully cooked when it's not," he cautioned. "We're in the programming phase now, trying to figure out what should be in the building, what fits."

Despite the fact that it may seem as if a new CLC design has already been decided, "our process is very exploratory," Duda stressed. "We really believe that in the beginning, there is more than one right answer."


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