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Construction begins on interim dining facility

Construction begins on interim dining facility

By Kimber Williams | Emory Report

Construction of a new Interim Dining Facility (IDF) for Emory students is set to begin Monday, Oct. 3, in the courtyard located in front the Woodruff P.E. Center, across from the Dobbs University Center (DUC).

Projected to open in summer 2017, the new 17,000-square-foot facility will serve as a home for student diners for about two years during the anticipated construction of a new Campus Life Center (CLC) on the current site of the DUC. The university’s Campus Life and Campus Services divisions are partnering on the project.

Architectural renderings of the new IDF — already dubbed “the DUC-ling” by students — reveal a modern 40-foot-tall tensioned fabric structure that resembles a large, teardrop-shaped field house.

Designed for durability and energy efficiency as well as quick assembly, the one-story facility will employ aluminum arches connected to an all-weather engineered membrane, creating 8-inch-thick insulated vinyl walls and a lofty ceiling, says Charles Rossignol, Campus Services program manager for planning, design and construction.

Once completed, students will enter an elegant, open dining room lit by modern, suspended lights, a wall of windows overlooking McDonough Field, and a translucent ceiling panel that allows diffused light to spill inside.

The new dining room is designed to seat about 480 people. “Our goal is to make this even more functional than the existing facility,” Rossignol says. “With carpeting, furnishings and nice lighting, it’s going to be a comfortable space.”


DUC-ling takes shape

DUC-ling takes shape

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