About the DUC-ling

Affectionally named by students, the DUC-ling is Emory’s interim dining facility. The 10,000-square-foot structure will serve meals for students and other diners during the construction of a new Campus Life Center (CLC) on the site of the previous student center. The DUC-ling opened summer 2017.

Emory University worked with Kitchens To Go to construct an interim dining facility that opened in May 2017. Designed and installed using repurposed materials, this sustainable structure will be open for approximately two years during the construction of the new Campus Life Center.


Q. Where is the DUC-ling located?

The facility is located in the courtyard in front the Woodruff P.E. Center, across from the CLC construction site. Numerous options were considered, with the final decision based on criteria that include sufficient space to accommodate the numbers of diners at various times, proximity to residence halls to facilitate student accessibility, and minimal impact on other campus operations and pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Q. What does the interim dining facility look and feel like?

The DUC-ling dining room is an attractive, open space lit by daylight from a translucent ceiling panel and artificial light from modern suspended fixtures. A wall of windows offers a view of McDonough Field for the approximately 480 diners that the DUC-ling can seat. The contemporary design feels like a restaurant in a permanent structure, while affording greater convenience, comfort, and efficiency than the preceding dining facility. 

Q. Will the DUC-ling provide the same service and food as Dobbs Market?

There will be no changes to the student meal plan, variety or quality of food service, or hours of operation. No staffing changes are anticipated. The same number of meals will be served and options will continue to include gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and vegetarian offerings. The DUC-ling will be tree nut, peanut, and shellfish free, the same as Dobbs Market. Designed to produce 3,600 meals per day, the kitchens are expected to be more efficient than ever because they will now be on the same level as the loading docks.

Q. How long will the DUC-ling be in operation?

The temporary space will operate until construction of the new Campus Life Center is completed and the new dining facilities are operational, which is projected to be summer 2019. 

Q. What will happen to the courtyard space that the DUC-ling will occupy?

To accommodate the 10,000-square-foot temporary dining space, the existing statue will be relocated. Trees will be cleared and replaced In accordance with Emory’s No Net Loss of Forest Canopy. When the temporary structure is removed, the site will be re-landscaped.