About the Emory Student Center


The revitalized Emory Student Center will enhance Emory's learning community by:

1.  Being welcoming to all students
2.  Providing inspiring dining
3.  Fostering collaboration
4.  Embracing large events and meetings
5.  Providing a “uniquely Emory” image and character

Welcoming to all students

The Emory Student Center will prioritize the allocation of space, activities, and programs on student perspectives and experiences, and will be inviting to all students, including upperclassmen and graduate students. The design will also reflect and value the identities that make up the student body, while being easy to navigate and instilling a sense of campus pride. 

Inspired Dining

The Emory Student Center will provide innovative morning to late-night board and retail dining that values health and variety. It will unite the community through a common dining experience, with flexible and varied seating arrangements, sustainable operating practices, and respect for dietary needs and choices.

Foster Collaboration

The Emory Student Center will co-locate Campus Life departments with student organization and lounge space for the students they serve.  It will allow community members to share common resources and spaces, and model collaborative and team-based methodologies.

Embracing large events and meetings

The Emory Student Center will support production of events that include an entire undergraduate class, with meeting space that is flexible in size and in the variety of activities it supports. There will be substantial support space so the ESC staff can assist community members with their events, and convenient service access for catering and deliveries. 

Providing a uniquely Emory image and character

The Emory Student Center will respect and enhance the campus aesthetic, and feature an inviting combination of both lively social events and quiet study activities. It will encourage students to linger, and will communicate the legacy and traditions of Emory University while offering opportunities for new discoveries.